Work your Core. Love Your Voice.

Take a #Voicelesson to speak-up in any situation.

How many times do you wish you’d spoken up?


Replay conversations on a loop in your head? Kick yourself for not saying what you wanted to? Agonize over what you did say?


How many times has speaking up been a disaster in your life? People didn’t respond well, it drained the life out of you, and you felt unheard, or even silenced.


Whether you’re negotiating a raise, speaking up to a bully, telling your partner what you need, or simply sending cold food back at a restaurant, it can be terrifying to speak up.

It doesn’t have to be!




Imagine this...

You know you need to have a tough conversation with a partner, family member, or coworker. Rather than dread this conversation (or avoid having it at all), you look forward to the chance to use your voice.


At the grocery store, you see a person you’d love to talk to: a friend you’d like to make, a crush, your kid’s teacher, Beyonce?! Rather than shake in your boots and push your cart down aisle three, you feel confident to approach them with warmth and authenticity.


Your co-worker listens to a podcast on earthworms every day, and you can’t handle one more fact about soil content. Rather than suffer through this daily dose of silent rage, you feel empowered to suggest headphones (while still sharing the candy bowl!).


Or maybe you have an idea for an amazing book. A new project. A movie. A revolution.


Rather than sit on it like a chicken on an egg for the next 20 years...You take action.


Write it. Produce it. Put your voice into the world!

"Your ease in using your voice is your ease in living your life."

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