Dear You,


Let's talk about me for a minute. I don't require adult supervision and I'm self motivated to deliver results to a higher standard than you will ever ask for. I'll lose sleep and suffer from new and unknown sleeping disorders, just to satisfy you and your discerning clients!


I have written website content, commercials, copy and articles for 10+ years. I'm also a represented screenplay writer in Los Angeles.


My background is commercial direction and leading wicked sharp creative teams. I have seen and done a lot...but wait! There's more!


I write in a plethora of genres including:

  • Copy

  • Content

  • Articles

  • Ads+Tags

  • Commercials

  • Brand+Story pitches

  • Blogs

  • Satirical news articles

  • Humorous greeting cards

  • Santa Clause, but he never writes back... :(

“People often ask me at parties "So you must read a ton of books and know all about writing huh?"


I reply "No. Reading makes me sleepy and I dropped out of high school."


This person most often forces a smile and walks away while avoiding eye contact.


- Me



Article+Copy Writer+Designer  |  www.happyabout.me

Design, copy and content writing for www.happyabout.me. Personal development blog. This site is serious!


Copy Writer+Designer  |  www.metaphor.studio

Create and produce original content and pitch decks for products and big time entertainment projects.


Freelance Writer  |  Humorous Greeting Cards 

Derive humorous, sarcastic concepts around various themes, then beat the ideas to death!


Freelance Writer  |  Warped News

Take current news topics and turn them on their head with devilish satire, sarcasm and humor!


President+Creative Overlord  |  HIVE-FX

Built and oversaw a team of 35+ artists and producers to create and execute content for major brands such as Nike, Adidas, HP, Intel, Microsoft and NBC. (Sold it!)

President  |  Pinata Post


Created, built and operated a world class color correction studio. (Sold it too!)


Commercial Director+Production Designer  |  Bent Image Lab

Designed a modern production facility and oversaw all the content the studio released while directing national commercials for major brands such as Cartoon Network, HP, P&G and CBS.


President+Commercial Director  |  Animationwerks

Built and operated an animation facility to produce content for television, film and commercial properties, including creation of the hit children's series Firehouse Tales for Warner Brothers.


3D Animator  |  Santa Barbara Studios

Senior creature animator for the feature film An American Werewolf in Paris. (It was a horrible movie!)


2D+3D Animator  |  Will Vinton Studios

Senior animator on the infamous M&M commercials. *I ate over 3 billion free M&M candies during production.


In a galaxy far...

Art Institute of Seattle

Advertising+Design degree with an emphasis on 3D dimensional illustration.

T: 805.895.0940 | clarkjamesdirect@gmail.com

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