Writing Specimens

No goofing around here! Happy About Me is my pet project - a heart-centered site dedicated to sharing uplifting content, personal stories and articles told from the "I" point of view. 


My task was to write compelling and brief copy, and design a site that got the reader excited. D-Done!

Entertainment and product pitch decks created from scratch. Not chicken scratch either!


Reality is weird. Read the news and distort it. Easy!

A new and innovative brand of chocolate decided to base their growing operation in Hawaii. I designed and wrote the content for their website, and created an attractive PDF for download.


BTW, I know a LOT about chocolate now. Questions? Anyone?

Better a smart ass than a dumb ass, I say!

I wrote this article on the culture of men. The piece was published on the web by Elephant Journal where it was read by tens of people worldwide!

I have successfully written and not published 15 children's books, entirely on my own!

*If you know a publisher, this is when you send them my deets. Hint! Hint!


I was tasked to design and write the copy for a new candle brand with high-quality/low price point products. My instructions were to keep it simple and clear. I reworked the copy many, many, many times and pared the text down to the basics. Did I emphasize many?


This was a fun project! I was given carte blanche to invent creative tag-lines and glamorous pages for a new cosmetic procedure that reduces facial lines and aging. You can see that I was "faced" with a real challenge! 


I was asked to rewrite the title page copy for for a new well being site. Well, being that I was available, I did!

Act fast and create a simple page with clear copy for a real estate agent to communicate with an interested developer. Go!


I was asked to generate an entire product sales site for a new professional line of GoPro camera accessories, including all branding assets, logo design, copywriting and writing a lengthy visual tutorial describing the installation of accessories.

My job was to create all product branding, graphic design, and write the video script with website copy for the Unruly Girl - Bella Kickstarter campaign and product launch.

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